The Planned Route

Some famous general once said, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy". We are a bit more optimistic than that, but what follows is only a rough outline. 'Weather permitting', as most sailors add to any statement about where they are bound. We are not in a hurry and are trying to work with the best seasons, winds, and ocean currents whenever possible.

One of our principle objectives was to get to South Georgia, and the best time to get there in a small boat is at the height of the southern hemisphere summer in December. So as not to rush things we planned to get there in December 2015 but got there in January 2016. We then decided to spend an extra year exploring South America. The plan is to leave Chile in December 2017, spend time in the Marquesas until April or May and we will need to be in New Zealand by the end of October 2018 to avoid the Tropical storm season in the South Pacific. These are the only really fixed dates, and everything else revolves around the best time to travel to and from the places in between.

Below is a map with a very rough outline of our planned route as far as New Zealand. We wil probably spend some months there, and there are numerous possible places to visit when we move on from there. So we will make up our minds when we get there.

Whichever route we take we will be heading home via the Southern Indian Ocean and South Africa in order to keep well to the south of the Somali piracy area.

Caramor in the Scillies

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