Caption: Baking at sea off the west coast of Scotland

Rank: First Mate

Particular areas of responsibility: food and provisioning, electrics, plumbing, sail repairs, anchor wench, NOT deck polishing.

Interests: kayaking, cycling, skiing, climbing, house renovation and trees.

Speciality: upside down cheesecake.

Kath was born in Geneva, Switzerland where she grew up. After a year teaching English and travelling in Indonesia, Cambodia and Japan, she moved to the UK where she became a passionate environmentalist with a particular interest in forests. She then enjoyed a year in Bangladesh where she studied Bangla, the culture and customs and worked for a NGO before moving to Wales to study forestry.

Kath's forestry career has been varied; from creating new woodlands on restored coal mines in north-west England, restoring ancient woodland and engaging the community in forestry to working to increase the forest industry's profile in Wales with Confor: Promoting forestry and wood over the past six years.

Over the years Kath has restored her cottage in Snowdonia using environmentally friendly materials and made full use of the fabulous land and seascapes around north-west Wales.