Caption: Taking a sight on the way back from the Azores

Rank: Skipper

Particular areas of responsibility: navigation, rigging, diesel mechanics, fibre-glass repairs, carpentry.

Interests: sailing, kayaking, climbing, skiing, cycling, languages and reading.

Franco was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands. As a boy he lived for four years in Australia and three in Italy. He has since lived most of his life in North Wales, which he considers his home. He is fluent in Italian and french, can get by in welsh and spanish and is trying to learn some portuguese.

For most of his working life Franco has had the luxury of doing work he really enjoys. Until the turn of the millenium he worked as a kayak coach and a mountaineering instructor, and for the last eight years of that period he was the head of the canoeing and kayaking department at Plas y Brenin, the National Mountain Centre.

Since then he has combined his interest of the outdoors and the written word and built up Pesda Press, a publishing house specialising in adventurous activities. With the wonders of satellite broadband he will be able to keep the business running, making good use of the pool of freelance editors, proof-readers and designers that help make Pesda Press the success that it is.

Franco has two grown-up daughters, Lisa and Anna.



Pesda Press

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