The Crew

Franco and Kath met through sea kayaking and have been together since 2009. They soon found that they shared a dream of sailing to South Georgia. Actually, Kath wanted to get to South Georgia and Franco wanted to sail around the world. Easily combined!

Between 2009 and 2013 they sailed over 13,000 Nautical Miles. Initially in a 29 foot 'Trintella 29', they sailed to Scotland, Brittany and then the Azores. After being 'waterboarded' once too often they decided they needed a bigger boat for a world tour, so they bought Caramor and sailed her home from Falmouth to Holyhead. Since then they have sailed her to Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Scottish islands and northern Spain.

Both can and do get stuck into all the jobs involved in running a sailing vessel, but they each have areas of particular expertise and inclination.

Caramor in the Scillies

Caption: At the end of a rough two week crossing to the Azores