The Boat

Caramor is a Rustler 36 built in 1988. She is a very seaworthy boat designed in the late 60s by Holman and Pye. The Rustler 36 has a reputation for being well-built and very 'sea-kindly'. She also handles well and has a reasonable turn of speed for a heavy displacement boat.

Age and an element of neglect in the last few years before we aquired her mean't that we were able to buy her relatively cheaply but had a lot of work to do on her. In fact before the big trip we had three summers sailing her and four winters working on her. It would problably be quicker to list what we haven't renewed, rebuilt or changed than to list what we have done. The upside of this is that we know the boat inside out and are confident that every part of her meets the highest standards.

We had ample proof of her seaworthiness when we heard on the VHF 'force 10, imminent', when we were 30NM west of the Scillies. The crew had a little lip wobble but decided that the safest thing to do was to keep heading out to sea. So we spent the next few hours making all secure and changing down to storm sail and three reefs in the main. Caramor just took it all in her stride and although you don't go looking for that sort of thing the experience has done wonders for our confidence in the boat. We definitely chose the right one!

Caramor in Husvik

Caption: Caramor in 60 knot winds, gusting 85, Husvik, South Georgia (photo: SV Kestrel)

More to come

More information about Caramor and the work we have done on her will follow.